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Coiling Around a Drilled Base Edge

By: Peg Arnoldussen of Peg's Basketry

To coil around a drilled base, begin with a very small coil. In the case of O'Brian bases, 5 needle clusters of southern longleaf are quite sufficient. The coil should be big enough to cover the rim of the base with very little mound. Stagger the connected ends of the needles because you'll have to make the coil climb over them in a gradual slope at the end of the first round.

Hide the raffia end under the coil by holding the coil in place over it. Slip sewing needle through a hole and begin stitching. Add pine needles to the coil as you progress in order to maintain uniform thickness.

As you approach the end of the first round and come to the ends of the pine needles protruding from the start point, begin to tuck them carefully under the coil. Stitch coil over them.

When you reach the beginning stitch, insert sewing needle just ahead of it, between base rim and coil; you will loop all the way around the beginning coil. Work the entire second round this way. Also thicken your coil on this round; bring it to your desired thickness for entire basket. Do this as you begin the second round so you don't end up with a too skinny section of coil. Use good judgment.

Once the second round of coiling is completed, proceed as usual.

Some folks do tack the first round a bit with glue. However, I didn't find that necessary.

Click for more information on coiling around edges.


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